Anti Ragging Cell

For an academic institution, new students are like new crop and they need some extra help and supports with effective teaching. They get such extra support generally by their senior students who have more experience about the academic environment of the institution. Sometimes, either for providing such extra support or by taking 'Introduction' of newer students, senior students exploit the juniors which sometimes may leads to unusual happenings. To control such undesired activities, which is known as ragging too, institution provides a constant shield of protection in the form of an Anti-Ragging Cell. As per rule of Government of India ragging is now a punishable offence. This cell protects the new comer students to be humiliated and tortured by their seniors by a close surveillance through close-circuit cameras throughout the campus. Besides these, the members of the cell are actively responding on any of call or complaint regarding the ragging.

            At present, this cell is panelized under the coordination of Dr. R.M. Tripathi, the chief Proctor, with members of proctorial panel. In any case of misbehave under the ragging, students are advised to inform any of members of proctorial panel. The alleged students may be rusticated and expelled out from the institution as per norms of Govt. of India.

Anti Ragging Guidelines

For any complaint or information call to: Principal or Chief Proctor