Central Library

Members of ‘Kuteer Trustee Mandal’ under the inspiring leadership of profound thinker Pt. Jee wanted to imbibe in them true quintessence of the teachings of the ‘Geeta’ by the establishment of ‘Shri Geeta Sahitya Kuteer Public Library’ and they felt inspired to read commentaries on Geeta. So all the literary oeuvre of Bapu and other writers on Gita were also stored in it. This library served the purpose of awakening the intuition of boys which was in dormant state and made them conscious of the precept नहिं ज्ञानेन सदृषं पवित्रमिह विधते. The meaning is that ‘there is nothing so pure here on earth as knowledge’ . Man has always felt a great hunger for knowledge. To gain knowledge of truth of things of this world or other world has been in core of the heart of truth seekers because सत्यान्नास्ति परोधर्मों. There is no religion better than truth’. This truth seeking tendency has always emboldened   man since times immemorial. Whether east or west, whether religious knowledge or humanistic knowledge–there has also been a great lust for knowledge in mankind. There is an inspired moment an everybody’s life. ‘Let knowledge grow from more to more’ becomes the beacon light to stimulate them to reach at the summit of scientific and literary knowledge. The founder had this end in view. The books on Science subjects as well as Arts were placed in the ‘Matri Sanstha Library’ students would consult the books

            After award of UGC grants for the library and also for the books of the library, the number of books increased to 22030. Library means not only a building for having good collection of books. It also means the knowledge which spreads throughout the country and abroad. The central library of the institution is well furnished by having been subscribed various 20 journals on the subjects. Magazines which are subscribed by the library are 13 in number.