Facilities and Infrastructure

Library is not merely a building and a collection centre of books it is a place from where knowledge spreads over the countryside. The college/institution has a three tier enriched library system. The central library of the institution has well furnished infrastructure as well as more than 22000 books related to various subjects. Besides these it has active subscriptions of 13 academic magazines and more than 20 national and international research journals related to different disciplines. Our two postgraduate departments have their own departmental library where books are available in sufficient numbers. There is also a public library which has a huge and precious collection of antique books on historical legends like-Mahatma Gandhi, J.L. Nehru as well as on Gandhian thoughts on “Geeta”.
“Healthy mind in healthy body”, keeping this view in mind, the institution provides playing facilities for games like, Volley-ball, Kho-Kho, Basket Ball, Badminton etc and has play ground for the same. Play ground for games like Hockey, Football is also available in the institution.
Students coming from longer distance, have face accommodation problems. To solve their accommodation problem, hostel facility is provided to the students by the college. Accommodation facility for both boys and girls is also available. At present, college has a 25 room hostel for the male students and 10 room hostels for the female students.
The college provides a suitable platform for the all round development of the personality of the students. Students are inspired to make use such platform and make an improvement in their personality. There is a well equipped and furnished auditorium in the college where students perform several types of cultural activities.
For parking the motor vehicles of participants, artists and guests invited by the college on several occasions, there is an avenue in the institution. Every building of the college has its own parking space.
Knowledge of computer is the demand of the present day to day life. In every field of life knowledge of computer is necessary and fruitful. All the organization, establishment and institution are being computerized. For providing the knowledge of computer to the students, the college has three well established computer labs in the campus.
There is a well equipped and furnished audio-visual hall in the college campus. Modern techniques of teaching like- projector, smart-board, multimedia aides are in practice in this hall. Students are persuading to get prepared soft copy of their cultural, educational programmes and perform it with the help of audio-visual devices.
Life of Biotic Kingdom depends on water. There is a well established water supply system in the college for drinking, Lab and watering purposes. For water supply the college has two submersible pumps and two hand pumps.
Besides the electrical power supply from the state government, college has a well established power supply system for the continuous operation of various instruments in the laboratories, electrical goods, electronic devices, mechanical instruments and for lightening purposes. Whenever the power supply from the state government breaks down, for that time the college has good power management system which includes two silent and eco-friendly electric generators (25 KW and 15 KW) as well as general electrical generators (10 KW and 7.5 KW) which provide flawless power supply to the institution for academic activities. In addition to these, all departments have inbuilt inverter system as another alternative of power supply.
The college runs a canteen for staff members as well as students on “No Profit-No Loss” basis. At present, this canteen provides some light breakfast, snacks and cold-drinks at marginal rates.
There is a first aid treatment centre in the college. This is enriched with medicines for general treatments and dressing facilities for normal wounds, cuts and minor injuries. These facilities are running under able and active supervision of Dr. Ashok Kr. Pandey.
Fallowing the “Health is wealth” slogan, the institution also provides facilities for the body-building and proper physique maintenance for students by a well established and equipped gymnasium. This has several modern equipments which keep the students healthier and active.

Location, land, buildings and instruments/equipments are the prime infrastructural base for the development of educational institutions. A developed infrastructure is essential for providing proper education and for sustainable development of the college.

  1. Location:

Being situated in a remote rural and backward area, the institution serves the society by modern and advance techniques even to poor and laborious students too who are unable to go far for higher studies. Concerning about the location, this college fulfills the need of academic development of a wide area of its locality.

  1. Land:

Land is the prime resource on which all type of human activities is performed. The college has more than enough land properties. It acquires 5 acre sprawling campus along with 23 acre open land in Mariyahu Tehsil near Rampur at a distance of 40 km from its head quarter.

  1. Buildings:

A roof is necessary for the proper functioning of the college. Under building head 4 types of buildings are included.

(A) Administrative Buildings

(B)  Class-Rooms

(C)  Laboratories

(D) Store-Rooms

There are sufficient number of class rooms which are well furnished and of adequate size and space. Every department where laboratory is essential has its own well furnished and equipped laboratory. Education faculty has its own camputer and language lab. For psychological test and scientific demonstration, they are attached with psychology and physics laboratories of this college.

All the subjects taught in science faculty, Geography and Psychology of Arts faculty and Education faculty has its own well furnished and well equipped lab facility. In every laboratory, instruments and apparatus are available in adequate numbers as per syllabus of university.