The untiring efforts of our founder Principal Prof. S.N. Mishra resulted in the grant of a platoon of cadets to our institution in 1986. Prof. D.D. Dubey was appointed as incharge of the unit of the cadets, but with the sanction of an American post-doctoral fellowship to him, he left for America to pursue his research studies.

   Dr. Chitrasen Gupta
   NCC officer
   Kutir Post Graduate College

Dr. R.M. Tripathi took the charge as NCC officer. Training   is imparted to the cadets to make them responsible citizens in the nation-building. This training is needed for the all round development of the personality of the cadets, to inculcate the spirit of unity and discipline among them and also moral integrity. Our senior under officer Ram Asray Saroj was selected by U.P. NCC Directorate and participated in the Republic Day Camp, New Delhi in 1988 on behalf of 98 U.P. Battalion.

Several other Under Officers including among them, Ashok Kumar Tiwari, Sr. Under Officer Sri V.N. Mishra, Ajay Kr. Singh, Pramod Kr. Mishra, Harish Chandra Saroj, K.K. Madhukar, S.S. Gautam, Shivaji Singh, Sr. Under Officer B.K. Pathak, P.S. Yadav, Rajit Yadav took part in different years in Republic Day Camps, New Delhi and some of them were a part of Rajpath Parade. They have all displayed their charismatic performances remarkably. Major R.M. Tripathi led a group of fourteen cadets from Jaunpur to Kathmandu and back on an adventurous Cycle-Expedition with an active cooperation of Sr. Under Officer V.N. Mishra. The aim of this adventurous feat was to foster up friendly relations between India and Nepal and also to exchange the cultural activities. The whole group earned applause on behalf of the then Indian ambassador Prof. Vimal Prasad in Nepal.

The cadets were highly appreciated by the Director General of the Military Training of Nepal. The cadets also viewed from very close quarters the functioning of the Nepalese Parliamentary System. Major Tripathi has won laurels for his performance which includes ‘Commendation Card’ by Directorate General NCC, New Delhi, ‘appreciation certificate’ by Deputy Director General, U.P., many other Appraisal Certificates by Group Commanders of Varanasi ‘Group B’ and Battalion Commanders of 98 U.P.Bn N.C.C., Jaunpur. Our cadets are now serving different military and paramilitary units and thus they are aiding glory and grandeur to our institutions.