Our Leaders

  • Message from Manager

    Kutir Mahavidyalaya Chakkey, Jaunpur is such a creation of Param Pujya Sansthapak Ji which connects the rural India with the entire world as a whole but the Sansthan keeps Indian culture and its civilization fully preserved as a distinct feature. It is such a premiere institution of its kind in our country that there is no difference between the class of intellectuals and the class of laborers. It invariably provides opportunities to all–the rich and the poor alike. It is our effort to bring the poor exploited and backward in the main stream of the nation.We are trying to create atmosphere for students’ all round development. We are striving to make them aware to pursue their learning in manifold ways. With the help of our learned teachers, we are trying to make a result oriented atmosphere. We need to realize that we are required to pay of our debts to society that has given us a lot. The return has to be paid in much more useful and fruitful manner. We are making every effort to make the Sansthan rich at the highest pinnacle of glory.

  • Message from Principal

    Our country needs skilled youths to cultivate in them scientific spirit as well as age-old values so as to make India shine ever more with greater dazzling brilliance on this blighted planet of ours . We have been striving hand to seek geniuses from our rural surroundings in order to adequately educate and nurture them. They stand in need of appropriate training and apprenticeship. A high –level of academicism is required to be imparted to them so that they can face the challenges of present day academic nature. Our job is to watch that the mingled yarn of our religious, socio-economic – political and cultural fabric does not get spoiled under the impact of western permissive culture and gross materialism, because we are a nation with rich cultural heritage and long – preserved traditional values . Therefore, we do not only pursue prescribed curriculum to just build up the career of our students but also we are firmly and fully resolved to uplift them morally and spiritually. Of course this we do within our own limitations. We try our best to generate in them a sense of creativity with all its full flowering, so that in later days, it may enable them to go to serve the country and countrymen after they have completed their education. Mere breathing is not enough and life means action to our pupils who can fathom greater and greater heights by putting every minute of their precious time to use so as to achieve even that which seems unachievable. Our job is to bring about the total transformation of our pupils so that their personality can enjoy their meteoric rise. On the basis of our resources available, we have been ceaselessly marching ahead with an attempt to construct students according to the requirement of our times which are, indeed, very critical. Lest our students should be led stray from right path of action, lest they should become insensitive and intolerant and insensible, it is our sacred duty therefore to remind them of their aim of life, to explain their duties to family, society and nation. Our late honorable founder had this farsighted vision with which he would constantly preach and offer us his able guidance. I congratulate the entire teaching fraternity, member’s of non teaching staff and students as well for maintain this glorious tradition of our Kutir Sansthan. Hence we are all moving forwards to realize the long. Cherished dream of our veteran freedom fighter Late Pt. Abhay Jeet Dubey.