Our Logo

The Kuteer was founded by our respectable founder Brahmarshi Pt. Abhay Jeet Dubey who was inspired by the dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna as recorded on the pages of Shrimadbhgvatgita. He kept up moral upliftment in the forefront of the education of physical and behavioral nature. Keeping these views as a symbol, our logo is as follows.

Om : 
He who is the identifier of the indestructible Brahma; he who is the very essence of all the Vedas and the knowledge of Supreme Being.

Shri Gurave Namah:
The Guru may be defined as he who leads his disciples from Darkness to Light . The knowledge, after having fully satisfied the Guru by offering services with devotion and dedication, becomes fruitful.

Sun Rays (Beams):
Lighted sun spreading beams shows removal of darkness and filling the universe with the light of knowledge.